Some safety tips for a great stump removal experience

Stump grinding has its safety issues but with experience and planning your stump grinding can be a very positive and safe experience.

There are three main things to remember when stump grinding:

  1. Stump grinding uses a large petrol powered blade to grind the stump down to small woodchips. Occupants of the property, especially children, need to be kept well away from both the machinery and the work zone.
  2. The stump grinder is quite a loud machine and requires ear muffs to operate it. For the safety of your hearing please keep a reasonable distance away from the machine at all times.  Pets can also be scared so best to secure your animals well away from the machinery so they are not frightened or injured.
  3. Please consider water pipes, irrigation lines, pool plumbing, telephone and power before planning to remove a stump. If you think any of these services or pipes may be in the same location as the tree stump, please investigate this before we commence stump grinding.
  4. We suggest moving your vehicles away from the area as sometimes wood chips or stones can become airborne and we don’t want to see any paint damage to your car.

How we work

This is how we work so you know exactly what will happen.

  • Call us on mob 0411 345 369 and let us know the location, how many stumps you need removed and roughly the diameter of the stumps.
  • Using this information, we can give you an over the phone estimate so you can make sure it is within your budget.
  • If you are happy with the price we will arrange a day and time to visit and remove the stumps.
  • On arrival we will check access to the stump location, confirm which stumps you want removed and confirm the price.
  • Once the stumps are ground we will tidy up the area and leave the property looking good.
  • Payment on completion, unless arranged prior, is preferred as this keeps our business costs down and saves you money.

Get your stumps removed quickly, safely and without damaging your property too.  Call NQ Stump Grinding on 0411 345 369

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